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 RP Guidebook!!

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PostSubject: RP Guidebook!!   Mon Oct 22, 2007 2:59 am

Post Length

Now, I realize that short posts are easier and quicker. But If you are RPing with an advanced player, they will find it annoying, an' won't RP with you till you up your skills a bit. Now, to all you people who do short posts (i.e: under one paragraph- three to four sentences), sorry to pick on you guys, I used to do the exact.same.thing, not too long ago. Now all my posts are three to seven paragraphs long.

This Guidebook is not designed to pick on you 'newbies', but to help you have more fun with the other members, and enjoy your time here.

How to make Longer Posts
More detail - Give the reader and better idea of what your character is thinking, feeling, smelling seeing, doing.
Surroundings - Give the reader an idea of where your character is. Were he is sitting, what effects the wind has the trees, grass, water, ect.
Your Character - Describe what your character is doing, and how. What effects the elements have on his fur. Describe his eyes, the color what they are doing, the expressions they show.

All of the above will help you make a longer post. Now, I will provide examples in First Person and Third Person.


First Person

"Ki I, I can't move. It's to much for me."

I tuned my head toward her, I could see the fear in her eyes. "Yes you can." I heard movement outside, and flicked an ear toward it to listen, "Spirit, we don't have time fo--" I was cut off as I heard the Blackheart Alpha's voice.

"What's a matter Kiavan?" I snapped my head around to look at him in the eyes, green meeting gold. "Afraid to lose her. Watch her slip away, and lose everything you had. Say goodbye to Spirit Kiavan, cause she will not leave this place alive." I knew that he wanted a fight, I always knew.

I stood my ground, head down, paws forward and teeth bared. I was ready to fight, I always was. I would normally try to turn down a fight, for Spirit's sake, but there was no option... not this time.

This is not what I wanted to come back to....

Third Person

Tertius sat on a rock cliff found the the Cliff mountain range; he could see everything, the lush green of the Shalteron forest, a storm brewing near Arrowhead Beach and Ring Valley, the Human Village beyond the dry, sany desert. He could spot a herd of Boraxion Caribou on the move, looking for a fresh grazing area.

But one thing he couldn't see, or understand was why his Father would leave him and his Sisters. He understood that they needed him, but what about his family needs... did they even know he had a family? Tet sighed as a cool breeze ruffled his gray fur, and his blue eyes drifted to look toward Ring Valley, "I wish you'd come home, and stay home Dad..." he closed his eyes, "We need you... I need you." He shook his head and rolled his eyes, there he was talking to wind like it was Kiavan...

A strong, almost heartbroke sounding howl echoed throughout the valley. The young brute stood and pricked his ears: it was Sikaro calling for a pack meeting. Tet tilted his head to the side, the Alpha's howls never sounded like that, must more important than usual. With that, Tet set off clambering down the mountain side.

Upon reaching the Alpha's location, he saw he was the only one there as of yet. He walked toward Sikaro, stopped and bowed before the Alpha. "You called, my Alpha?"


See, even if you haven't got a lot to say, you can still make you posts interesting and long. I hope this section helped. Plus, the example's we're not created by me, but a close friend of mine!
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RP Guidebook!!
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