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This is a forum site for my pack members and such. Any ANIMAL lover can join. ^^
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 Love is too precious to waste.(advanced)

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PostSubject: Love is too precious to waste.(advanced)   Sun Mar 22, 2009 11:16 am

Starling was always an outsider in her pack, the males called her names like "Ugly, or get away from us pig face" This comments always brought Starling down. But once she turned 2 years old, ugly Starling became the most beautiful wolf in her pack, now thoese mean wolves want to be her mate and Starling isent having it.

Soon a loner named Raven has joined her pack and has a serious crush on Starling, but Starling is still scarred from her memories from being called ugly, and she wont go any were near him. Shes afriad that she will get hurt again, but Raven tries to convince her that "Love is too precious to waste"

All basic rules of the site
I want atleast 1 full paragraph.


Name- Starling
Age- 2 years old
Gender- Female
Personality- Sweet, emotionally scarred, lonley, sad
Crush- a little crush on Raven
Mate- Nope
Pups- 0
Apperence- Starling is a pure white wolf, she has icy blues eyes and a thick and rich coat.
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Love is too precious to waste.(advanced)
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