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This is a forum site for my pack members and such. Any ANIMAL lover can join. ^^
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PostSubject: Okami   Mon Sep 24, 2007 3:43 pm

Okami 1: Meeting Shadow

A female wolfess walked thru the forest, alone and cold. Her pack had left her for dead and she had deep wounds on her chest and alongside her back. She seemed to be white but her fur was soo dirty an inexerience eye could say she was dark grey. She lolled her tounge out panting heavily. Suddenly she perked her ears up listening. A black wolf watched her from his gore, smilling bickerly. He was Shadow, a loner male wolf. He was huge and buff. He could easily beat any of the other packs alphas' around but he refused to start a pack or be in any of that nonesense. Okami had seen him before, and she felt safe when she was with her pack. But now there was no one to help her. She kept her gaze on him and stepped back a bit when he came down twoards her. He stopped about 3 yards from her then stayed watching her. Okami backed up a little. Shadow nodded his head then spoke ''You don't have to fear me, i wont hurt you...'' Okami raised her eyebrow then shuffed ''Look i don't even know you far less be scared of you!..'' She didn't like him to begin with. Shadow looked up twoards the darkening

sky then sighed. ''Look it's gonna storm soon, i can offer you shelter and food, and by looking at your wounds you need it.'' His voice calm and quiet. Okami stared at him hard ''No thanks can take care of myself'' Her snobby attitude ringged in Shadow's ears.''Fine suit yourself'' He turned and began to walk away muttering under his breath ''Females. . . ''. Okami watched him leave with a stubborn smirk then began her way until a too-close-for-comfort thunder bolt clashed. She felt her hair stand on end as she made her way thru the dark forest. She shuddered as the wind howled. She looked for a place to pass the storm. She couldn't find anything. ''Man why did i get soo used to captivity'' She growled at the air as if it was all it's fault. Okami hadn't been born into captivity but she had been raise there. Just 3 months ago she had been released becuase she was doing really well. Okami was only 2.5 years old and still very naive. She walked forward and tripped, splatering water every where. She smugdly got up then shook herself. '' Ugh!!'' She moaned. Soon she picked up a familiar scent. She looked around. ''Are you still not wanting the offer?'' Okami sighed stubbornly. Shadow came into view. ''Fine..'' She then looked up to him and added ''why did you follow me?'' ''uhh...nothing you were just on my crossing'' He shifted uneasily. ''yea right...'' Okami smirked then began to ask something but Shadow stopped her ''c'mon'' He quickly turned away and began to lope. Okami followed with some difficulty. Soon they reached a small but cozy cave. ''Here we are'' Shadow walked in and shook himself then looked over to Okami. Okami looked around then did the same. Her limp had stiffened a bit after the run, as she walked to the center of the cave. Shadow instantly felt terrible he knew she was weakned yet he had been to careless to remeber. He found him selfwatching her intenly. Okami felt his eyes then looked up at him. There was an akward moment betwen them until she asked ''What's your name?'' Shadow was surprised ''Shadow and u?'' ''Oakmi''. Shadow's eyes saddened at this, and Okami didn't fail to notice ''what, what's wrong'' Shadow looked twoards her then began ''My mother's name was Okami'' ''Was?! '' She thought quickly. ''Oh I'm sorry. . . '' Shadow smiled her way then layed down. Okami walked to the very back of the cave and also layed down, watching Shadow's outlind in the dark. She tryed hard to stay awake but her eyelids started to fall as soon as her head touched her paws.
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PostSubject: Re: Okami   Sun Mar 22, 2009 11:39 am

wow, this is really good so far, I hope theres more coming soon. Very Happy
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