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This is a forum site for my pack members and such. Any ANIMAL lover can join. ^^
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 ShadowWolf Profile

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PostSubject: ShadowWolf Profile   Mon Oct 22, 2007 2:07 am

Personal Info

Risk of the nickname: Little risk unless unknown wolf that uses it, may turn swiftly on them.
Breed:Timber Wolf X
Gender: Female

Age: 5 Years of age

Personality: Kind and gentle at heart,Very friendly and playful.Will take sometime to get her trust She can be agressive sometimes depend on what the reason is,Makes a good friend for all and will understand a listen to everything most of the time and she maked a really good leader too the pack and treat everyone fairly.Can become flirty but tries not to.

Main fur:Coal Black, Grey patches around his eyes and inside his ears
Back:Coal Black
Chest and Belly:Coal Black
Tail:Coal black but has light blueish black on the tip of his tail.
Ears: Black, grey from inside
Legs:Pure black, pads are dark grey
Eyes: golden

Speaking Style:Outgoing and very open, can become shy around others. calm yet serious , cold when she is in a threat, normal and funny when she is in chatty mood.
Walking Style:Careful walking style, every step is taken in caution, running is fast and quick(When allone). Elegant on all fours and always with a slight trot or bounce(when around others or flirty mood)
Howl:Low and high pitched howl, soft when she wants it to be and serious when she wants it to be.

Size: 3.0 feet tall (shoulder height) 4.5 feet long.
Weight: 88 Ibs




Crush: None
Lovers: Little interest in most


She was separated from her family when she was 1 year her reasons for this is that she was diffrent to the others in her family pack and was chased off by the scouts. Still only learning to hunt by watching other loner but older wolves she kept herself alive that way. Still living alone beside her parter(if has one) still as a lone wolf for most of her life. Weaken in many ways, she still stands strong to live the life that she wants to even though she is outcast to many.

May be updated
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ShadowWolf Profile
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