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This is a forum site for my pack members and such. Any ANIMAL lover can join. ^^
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 RP Rules

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PostSubject: RP Rules   Mon Oct 22, 2007 2:57 am

Posts are the main part of RPing. Please follow these rules so that everyone is happy, and the G-Mods and Admins don't have to get on everyone's back.

Rules of IC Posting
- Try to use proper Grammar and Spelling. We have a spell checker, USE IT!
- DO NOT, do one- three sentence posts! They are annoying if you are RPing with a more advanced player, even if you arn't RPing with them. Posts MUST be at LEAST two to three paragraphs long (3-4 sentences each)

Rules of OoC Posting
- Be nice to other players. WE don't need an Out of Character fight in the RP boards.

Instructions for Staff
- 1st time: Warn player(s). Give them 5 days to straiten their posts up, and provide a link to my RP Guidebook.
- 2nd time: Warn player again. If they need help making longer posts, provide it.
- 3rd time: This really should NOT be needed. Place a 24 hour ban in place.

- 1st time: Warn player.
- 2nd time: Warn player.
- 3rd time: Ban player for 24 hours.
- 4th time: Ban player for one week.
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RP Rules
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